Classroom Capers competition winner

We have an Olympic winner!

We are delighted to announce the winner of our competition to win a school visit by Olympian, Bryony Page and a trampoline. The winner is ....(drum roll....)
The Willows Primary School in Stoke on Trent!
Many congratulations to you!

Bryony is the current trampolining Olympic silver medallist - with continuing success (she's just won British Champion 2018), she's well on the way to an another Olympic event. She visited the school last week much to the delight of the pupils and teachers. Her talk began with a video of her Olympic routine - oh my, we were all transfixed in awe with her skills. 'Wow!' was repeated around the hall as she demonstrated her talent, twisting and turning in precision. As soon as it finished the hall erupted with spontaneous applause. Now the pupils really understood what Bryony represented and the incredible talent she has.

Bryony explained her Olympic journey and the personal challenges along the way. It was story of determination and hard work as well as a difficult period of self-doubt which was in danger of ruining her career. She explained to the children how she overcame her challenges and related this in a way we can all learn from. Her story is inspirational, motivating and moving. Regarding her sport, the most memorable fact we learned was that she jumps as high as 2 double decker buses - you can imagine the pupils faces when they learned this!

After the assembly Bryony was bombarded for autographs and there was the special opportunity for pupils at the school that take trampolining lessons, of posing for photographs both for us and the local press.

Bryony Page with the trampolining Pupils at The Willows Primary School

It was a magical and memorable day for everyone.

However the fun's not over! The trampoline donated by Powerhouse Fitness is now delivered - we thank them for their generosity. The school was debating whether to keep it or use it as an amazing fundraising opportunity ( I know which option the pupil's will prefer!).