Miraculous Marking with Re-inkable Large Teacher Stamps

Save Time Marking with Large Teacher Stamps


The pressures on teachers in the UK continue to mount, and many teachers find themselves spending more time than ever before on paperwork. Marking and lesson preparation have always been necessary, but committing so much time to effective mark schemes that do not involve direct contact with students can be very frustrating.

Here at School Stamps, we understand how teachers feel about stressful marking, and we’ve created a new mount that can streamline the process and save you time and money. Our Xstamper N28 is re-inkable, and can produce 50,000 impressions before it needs re-inking. It’s a self-inking stamp that gives a crisp image, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

What Miracles Can This Marking Stamp Perform?

The benefits of this teacher stamp are truly tangible - :

  • It’ll save you time . You can spend more time with your students – and your family – when you use a stamping system that is designed to mark books and work effectively in a short time. You won’t need to write individual comments for every student, but every one will receive useful and relevant feedback on their work.
  • It engages students .These stamps offer a full feedback system so that students know their work is being read and understood. They receive a full breakdown of their successes as well as the areas in which they can focus their efforts to improve, and we know that students appreciate this straightforward and clear system.
  • It’s a great way to improve consistency . Marking is only useful to students when it’s consistent across different departments and between all teaching staff. Our marking stamps offer a great opportunity to consolidate marking strategies across your department or school, and ensure that your marking has the results you need.
  • It’s a comprehensive system . You will only need to consider the marking strategy once to create a system that can work for you across your whole department or school. You can create a stamp that is specific to your school, or pick one that is designed to fit certain marking schemes. You’ll ensure that your marking meets the requirements of OFSTED, and keep it relevant to current objectives with ease.
  • It’s versatile At School Stamps , we pride ourselves on our wide variety of teacher stamps, many of which can be used with this mount, so you can pick the combination which suits you best and select options for your staff team, or even your whole school, if you wish to. You can also design your own stamp to ensure it is perfect for your purposes, and you can choose either a 1 colour custom stamp , or a 2 colour custom stamp .

Xstamper N28 Mount Information

Our large range of designs for this stamp cover most key stages and subjects, however if the design isn't quite right for you, you can either tweak the wording to meet your needs, or if you need more radical changes, you can purchase the Premium Reinkable N28 mount in either a 1 colour custom stamp , or a 2 colour custom stamp . In either case this fantabulous stamp offers you:

  • A re-inking capability so it will last a lifetime
  • 50,000 stamps before it needs to be reinked
  • Fully self inking impression so no ink pad is needed
  • A quality image for clear impressions every time
  • Incredible value for so much on one stamp!
  • Xstamper's lifetime guarantee against issues with the stamp
  • Free delivery as standard across our range

Share the Good News - 15% Discount Offer

We want to share the good news about these stamps far and wide, so try one with this offer of a 15% discount on all large stamps (Nenga or N28 styles) right now. All you need to do is email us, and include the words ‘Large Stamp Offer’ in your email title to claim your discount. We offer free delivery as standard, and even better, we also offer an opportunity to get your design for free if you design your own stamp and we think other teachers would love it!

To claim your discount code simply email info@classroomcapers.co.uk and title your email "Large Stamp Offer" and we'll email you a 15% discount code.

We look forward to hearing from you!