Teacher Stamps: Streamlining Feedback For MFL

School Stamps: Streamlining Feedback For MFL


Marking can sometimes feel like an endless task for KS3 Modern Foreign Languages teachers, since it can be tricky to give feedback that is constructive and meaningful for students. Spending so much time on marking can be very disheartening, but the solution to helping your students to achieve better grades could be simple.

Here at School Stamps, we know how much teachers care about helping students to learn effectively, and we’ve made it simpler than ever to identify positive aspects of work and highlight the areas that need improvement. Our MFL Feedback Stamp makes light work of MFL marking, and gives students a great system to work with.

MFL Feedback Stamps Make Marking Easier

This stamp is:

  • Self inking, so you save even more time
  • Large scale, so it’s easy to read and use
  • Straightforward, so students can easily see where they’ve made errors with spelling or grammar, as well as accessing detailed feedback on their work

If the design doesn't quite fit your marking needs, this stamp is completely customisable so for a small supplement you can amend the checklist or wording to suit or you can change the whole design by ordering a custom stamp.

Find out more about this MFL stamp here: Click here