Teacher Designed MFL Stamp in 6 Languages!

This MFL design is available in French, German, Spanish, English, Latin and Turkish!

Teacher Designed MFL Languages stamp


Could this become the an essential tool in every MFL teachers tool box? The MFL Department at Mossbourne Community Academy have developed this stamp for exactly this reason and they're pleased to share it with other MFL professionals.

Ideal for use in Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 this large teacher stamp provides both teachers and students with the option of marking dialogically in a choice of 6 target languages.

Split into 4 parts, the upper part offers an area for teachers to state what went well, set 2 targets for improvement and a section for student reponse.

The bottom part offers an area for teachers to comment upon the effort and content of the student's response to the targets which are also reinforced by the option to reference the “Page” in the students work book where the evidence can be seen.

The MFL teachers involved in creating the design said, "It would be fantastic for MFL teachers to see that the stamp has not only been created by a fellow MFL department but one that is growing and looking to better itself all of the time."

All the designs are available in 2 large stamp formats - the cheaper, non-reinkable value Nenga stamp or the premium, reinkable N28 stamp. Both are made by Xstamper and come with either a 30 day money back guarantee, or lifetime guarantee. There is also the option of customising the stamp's content for just a small supplement and you have the choice of 18 ink colours, 12 of which are available as refills with the N28, reinkable stamp option.

Review each language version of the stamp here and please let us know your comments as we are sure the school would love your feedback. Click here