New RE Teacher Marking Stamp

Teacher designed, this new school stamp is designed to save RE teachers time repeating these consistent marking messages:

  • Use and explain Bible quotations
  • Use key RE words
  • Discuss different view points

  • Made to Order Stamp

    While teacher designed, to ensure this stamp meets most RE teachers' needs, we make them to order - it costs you no more and enables us to have the widest range of school stamps possible. Ultimately you gain the largest range of stamps, the best number of options with just a couple of extra days delay to get your shiny new stamp.

    Self-inking Layer Stamp

    This RE stamp is a Stakz layer stamp so there's 3 stamps clicked together (like building bricks) - each layer is a different colour and of course you can add more layers as your marking needs increase or change.

    Customisable Stamps!

    If the RE messages aren't quite what you need or your school has a different marking colour scheme then don't forget we can create a custom version of the whole stamp or just the layer / stamp you wish to change. We like to think we've covered every need!


    Furthermore, this stamp is reinkable so your initial investment is secure - buying a bottle of ink will refill each layer many times over so the stamp will last for years and years to come.

    To view this RE School Stamp web page - please click here.