New Warning & Improvement Teacher Stamp

New Warning & Improvement Teacher Stamp

Secondary school teacher designed, this new school stamp is designed to deliver key warning message and a feedback with improvement needs. It includes:

  • Warning - Presentation
  • Waring - Spelling
  • Warning - Punctuation
  • Improvement needed
  • Improvement seen

  • Self-inking Layer Stamp

    This RE stamp is a Stakz layer stamp so there's 5 stamps clicked together (like building bricks) - each layer is a different colour and of course you can add more layers as your marking needs increase or change.

    Customisable / Personalisable Stamps!

    If the RE messages aren't quite what you need or your school has a different marking colour scheme then don't forget we can create a custom version of the whole stamp or just the layer / stamp you wish to change. We like to think we've covered every need!


    Furthermore, this stamp is reinkable so your initial investment is secure - buying a bottle of ink will refill each layer many times over so the stamp will last for years and years to come.

    To view this teacher stamp web page - please click here.