Teacher Talk Blog | Literacy Custom Stamp

Teacher Talk Blog | Literacy Custom Stamp

Great idea! Custom Checklist Literacy Stamp

Another great idea from a teacher - this time customising our Literacy Stamp (reference CC8013) to increase the checklist to include ' Check your work makes sense ' - I can imagine many teachers wanting to remind students about this!

Checklist marking is a great way of reinforcing to students the skills teachers are looking for and marking, as well as a prompt for teachers to ensure that the pupil's work has been marked comprehensively , as well of course as proving a written record of feedback. So with this addition to the checklist, it now covers all of the following:

  • Date & title
  • Underline with a ruler
  • Paragraphs (if needed)
  • Full sentences (if required)
  • Check your writing makes sense
  • Joined up writing
  • Spelling check
  • Capital letters
  • Presentation
  • Full stops
  • Other:

Perhaps this should be a permanent addition to this stamp? I'm wondering how many teachers agree? Let us know your thoughts - email info@classroomcapers.co.uk.

All of our large format stamps can be customised to suit your marking needs. So whether you wish to add / delete content or create a whole new version of a literacy stamp we can do that for you. What's more, if we feel your design would benefit other teachers, we're pleased to offer you free stamps in return.