TeacherTalk Blog | New! Feedback & Marking Stamp for Science

TeacherTalk Blog | New! Feedback & Marking Stamp for Science

New! Science Specific Marking & Feedback Stamp

New School Stamp! Science Marking & Feedback Checklist

School Stamps are designed so save our overstretch teachers time and so we're always on the lookout for new ideas and approaches to marking. With ideas generated by teachers directly you can be assured that our designs are relevant to today's school and Ofsted's requirements.

While we would never profess to being always up to date with current guidelines, we do know a good idea when we see one and our large format stamps are providing loads of great ideas with checklist marking that can include a range of assessment, key skills and feedback prompts all on one stamp.

The latest subject specific teacher designed stamp is for science - it covers a 7 point checklist covering literacy (punctuation, grammar and presentation) as well as science prompts especially as the use of scientific keywords / language and a reminder to use a pencil for diagrams. In addition the design includes 3 sections for teacher and student feedback -WWW (what went well), EBI (even better if) and student response.

Stamped in work books, it provides evidence of written feedback and set areas for improvement.

The Xstamper Nenga stamp is self-inking mount which will last for 2-3000 impressions, but cannot be reinked. The mount is exclusive to Classroom Capers & School Stamps and has been used to create a large range of teacher marking stamps. As with all our Nenga stamps they carry a 30 day no quibble guarantee and you have a choice of ink colours so you can ensure you conform with your school's marking policy as well as the option to customise the content. So if you would prefer different wording or just a slight change you simply need to provide your amendments via email, quoting your order reference number.

If you have any queries on how to buy or customise this stamp contact either Jo or John - we'll be pleased to discuss how this stamp can be amended to suit your requirements.