School Stamps | Press Release: Announcing a Revolution in Teacher Marking

School Stamps | Press Release: Announcing a Revolution in Teacher Marking

Press Release

Could this be the teacher’s new best friend? A revolutionary school stamp that provides detailed assessment, feedback and cuts marking time with one simple ‘stamp’.

School Stamps have officially launched their inventive range of large classroom stamps, designed to help teachers save time, improve assessment and revolutionise learning in primary and secondary schools.

Featuring a wide range of designs and providing a variety of ways to help extend learning opportunities, the large format stamps are unique on the market, and have already generated significant enthusiasm and positive response from teachers.

 Addressing the Current Situation 

Marking school-work is a common complaint amongst teachers in the UK. Traditional ‘red biro’ marking takes considerable time, and most time-saving assessment stamps currently available are not adequately tailored to the learning requirements of the students.

School Stamps identified the problem and set about designing their range of large format classroom stamps, with the intention of providing the solution.

Jo Chandler, director of the company, states: “Teachers have such a demanding job as it is; and taking endless hours marking work is not a productive use of their time, especially if the assessment doesn’t contribute actively to the child’s learning. That was our starting point for developing these stamps; solving a big problem experienced by most teachers across the UK.”


 Revolutionary marking starts here … 

Xstamper N28 Self-inking large teacher stamp The result of our efforts is a wide range of designs, all teacher created in these innovative large stamps. The range comes in 3 sizes and covers KS1-4 and most subjects; each has a different learning focus. The designs cover assessment and feedback with not only offer easy-to-read pre-printed comments to facilitate checklist marking, enabling the teacher to quickly communicate to the pupil ‘what they did well’ and what they ‘can improve’; it also provides ample space for additional content; adding further value to the feedback.

As well as the obvious time saving bonus for teachers, the stamp ensures detailed marking each time, it’s custom capability means it can be used to standardise marking across a school and for students, we believe that such detailed feedback and marking will help improve grades.

Xstamper Large Stamps for Teacher Marking “We have 2 large stamp mount options, both are quality Xstamper mounts with quality guarantees. The value stamp lasts for around 2-3000 impressions and the premium stamp lasts around 50,000 impressions, can be reinked and comes with a 2 colour capability as well.” Chandler continues. “As with all our range, we take pride in rapid turnaround and free delivery; we know teachers like to receive their resources and equipment as quickly as possible!”

Derek Evans from Shachihata Europe Ltd commented “We’re pleased to be part of this success story and to be setting a new standard in teacher stamps. We recognise these stamps represent a new style of stamp to the market and so to provide quality assurance and to support both our and Classroom Capers confidence in this new product, we’ve introduced a 30 day money back guarantee for the value stamp and the premium stamp is covered by our standard lifetime guarantee so that customers can buy with confidence.”

 Opportunity to Customise 

School Stamps state that they differ from other school supply companies, in that many of their products are fully customisable. Their new range of stamps are no exception. Teachers can fully customise the design and have a choice of 18 ink colours to choose from.

“The response has been amazing,” Jo concludes. “We knew that we’d come up with a truly revolutionary form of teacher stamp, but we hadn’t realised just how much people would enjoy using them. The excited feedback from teachers has been truly rewarding.”

About us 

Joanne Chandler is a Director at School Stamps. Part of her role is to research resources that help teachers and provide tangible solutions that assist both learning and development. Trading since 2009 the company is now the leading supplier of stock and custom stamps in the UK. As well as an extensive range of educational stamps, stickers and classroom resources the company offers an increasing range of products that can be customised, allowing great levels of flexibility and freedom for teachers. To see their range, simply visit their online store at .


 For more information please visit the website at Alternatively contact Joanne Chandler on 0800 058 8105, or email